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So... What's New At BlackGold This Week?

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BlackGold Publishing is an online publishing company, offering traditional services as well as hybrid publishing options to authors of all genres. Established in 2017 in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, BlackGold began its work in the community by providing exclusive opportunities to the indie authors in our backyard. BlackGold has since climbed the ranks and has assisted over 500 writers and creatives, worldwide. Since our inception, we've focused our efforts around building inclusive opportunities for authors of all walks of life as well as hoping to change the narrative surrounding literacy in our communities. We do so by making our efforts in providing quality service, knowledgeable insight, and continuous opportunities for visibility not only our job but our mission.

Our Merit 

BlackGold is a member of the IBPA (Independent Book Publishers Association) and is currently under consideration for the AAP (Association of American Publishers). BlackGold Publishing has also been featured in various publications and platforms for our outstanding literary work, including WeBuyBlack's 2017 Top 10 Black-Owned Publisher Issue, Vital Narratives "A Golden Age for Publishing," and Words To Ponder's Publisher/Author Insight Episode with Florenza Lee. We have also won several awards for our author's work including 2018 Kindle's Top 100, 2017 The Gavel Award, 2017 and 2019 Indie Author Award, 2018 and 2019 ACHI nominee, as well as numerous release acheivements. Most notably, we have excellent client merchant relationships with major retailers such as Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and open wholesale channels provided through IngramSpark distribution centers.

Our Promise 


We are currently servicing a diverse group of authors and clientele thanks to our amazing service members and staff. Absolutely everyone here on the BlackGold Publishing team believes in quality service and putting our clients first. We also pride ourselves in being 100% inclusive in providing continuous representation and opportunities for writers of all backgrounds and ethnicities. There are no, "no's" here at BlackGold, here, you're golden.


Here at BlackGold Publishing, we're a family, first. We represent a wide range of authors, poets, illustrators and creatives who come from different backgrounds, different ethnicities and hold their own set of life experiences to share! Our literary family has traveled the world, booked major distribution deals, hosted sold-out speaking engagements and have even been on tour to cities across the globe. Though they share successes both far and wide, at BlackGold our biggest achievement is how we stick together. 


Tahara Saron, Owner/CEO and Head of Editorial 


Kierra L. Johnson, Editor in Chief, Editorial Board


Tiffany Freeman, Receptionist + Account Manager


Unique Williams, Business Assitant


John Walters, Head of Design


Noelle Brooks, Lead Department/Copy Editor 


Mia Butler, #2 Department Editor 


Takeallah Rivera, #3 Department Editor  


Dwayne Jenkins, #4 Department Editor  


Krystal Kantrell, #5 Department Editor  


Hope Powell, Illustrator 

Wesley Powell, Illustrator

Blakely Fredrick, Illustrator



Every year we host a community event in an effort to give back to the people who support us the most! Check out our most recent soiree by scrolling the photos below.! Be on the guestlist by emailing us at blackgoldpublishing@gmail.com


We strive to bring you the most thrilling and captivating literary releases on the market, with titles that we promise will connect and excite! Here are a few of our favorites below - so, be sure to grab one of these the next time your out! or... 

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Our services 

BlackGold Publishing offers full comprehensive publishing services including; Editing, Marketing, Graphic Design and Distribution

Each of our services can be purchased individually or packaged together and included FREE when you choose to publish through us.

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We also offer the following services:

Logo, Business Card Design and Peer Review.

Individual Services:

Editing = proofreading and line editing available

Book Cover = beautiful designs and illustrations

Formatting = ebook and digital conversions

Marketing = paid sponsorships and unique blurbs

and Distrubution = online and in-store retailers