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"Blood Ball," by William Landis

"Blood Ball," by William Landis


Things were never the same after hurricane Matthew devastated Lumberton North Carolina in 2016. While the community struggled to recover - a string of very suspicious murders began to plague the city. Trying to maintain in the chaos that had become his new normal, protagonist Jaleel believed that basketball was his only way out. Without any basketball scholarship offers, however, and with his JUCO career soon coming to an end, Jaleel was running out of options.

But everything was about to change...

One night after one of his basketball games, Jaleel stumbled upon a secretive organization of vampires that would give him an offer that he can’t refuse...

  • Pre-Sale Policy

    Pre-Sale Policy

    We print all of our books on demand. Pre-orders will be shipped out 2 weeks after the official release date. All specific book release information can be found below under the "Release Information" section.


    Release Information

    "Blood Ball" releases November 31st, 2021


    For any questions and/or concerns please email us at 

  • Shipping and Return Policy


    We print all of our books on demand. Please allow 2 weeks from time of purchase to receive your products. You will be alerted via email when your product has been shipped. Thank you.

    Return + Damage Goods Policy

    All books purchased are non-refundable and non-returnable. We are not responsible for lost or missing packages. Please contact your local USPS office if a package is damaged, missing or lost. You can also email us at for special inquiries.

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