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“Life Has A Way,” by Dwayne Jenkins

“Life Has A Way,” by Dwayne Jenkins

In "Life Has a Way," the reader follows the life of protagonist Earl Veares. Failing his literary aspirations, Earl desperately tries to find purpose in the constant monotony surrounding him. Between working a lackluster job that he believes is beneath him and feeling unsung and overshadowed in every other regard, time is running out on his opportunity to make something of himself. After an unexpected session in his longtime friend’s new recording studio, he finds that his budding storytelling abilities have a home in lyricism. But, when Earl proves to be a threat to himself, can he win the war against his erratic, unsteady mind, or will he risk everything to prove that he’s as extraordinary an artist as he claims to be?
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    "Life Has A Way..." releases May 22nd, 2019.


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