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"Bria's Focus Captured," by Latoya Lake

"Bria's Focus Captured," by Latoya Lake


On the island of St. Maarten, where those with power will do whatever it takes to keep their secrets hidden. One must venture at their own risk, knowing that if they choose to oppose, they become a potential target. The confident, highly passionate and determine BRIA PANTOPHLET is not about letting anyone stop her from voicing her opinion. This psychologist turned freelance photographer quickly adds journalism to the list of things she falls freely into, making it very difficult for anyone to get anything past her. Adding an inquisitive spirit that’s just plain insatiable, and having a knack for getting into trouble.


Her quest for the truth could quite possibly get her killed, yet Bria is not about sleeping on the job. She goes in search of answers, pulling at strings and shuffling around unearthing bones someone will do anything to keep buried. Here’s where TREVOR MATHEWS comes in to play. He’s been tasked with keeping an eye on her and to stop her from snooping around in affairs which don’t concern her. But this charmer finds out the hard way that he might just have to up his game to stay relevant or he will get left! The question is; Will this smooth, highly-educated man be able to redirect Bria’s focus?


With so much than just his job on the line, containing this wild flower is taking more out of him than expected. Keeping Bria out of the way is a challenge and the added complication of realizing that his motives for sticking it out are not all work-related might be clouding his judgment. He so wants to tame the fire within her nonetheless running the risk of being consumed himself.


Dive deeper inside of the life of Bria and into this whirlwind journey of truth and escapade — right now!

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