"Falling Under A Deep Depression" by Connie Ridgell

"Falling Under A Deep Depression" by Connie Ridgell


"FALLING UNDER A DEEP DEPRESSION," may be just a small book but it packs a lot of power. A loss of love and/or heartbreak may seem impossible to heal from - and emotional devastation can leave you feeling hopeless... But author Connie Ridgell has seen it all before and wholeheartedly promises that "...reading this every day changed my life."


"I wrote this book because I needed an escape." She admits. "I never thought that I could get over the pain that I was feeling or that I would trust or find love again. You may think it's hard but it's very true all wounds heal over time. And creating this book gave me the strength to let everything go. This is not just my story but it's everyone's story who has ever felt tremendous pain - no matter what, we've all been there. And I'm here to tell you that we can get through this, together."


Ridgell also promises that this book will give men the opportunity to understand their partners more on a more emotional and intimate level. Breaking down womanhood and empowering women to stand up for their happiness. "We are strong... We are the backbone. We are women... We have to stick together." "We go through the same battles; just different situations. Don't let the depression outshine you. Never let them see you weak. We are our own strength." 

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